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What our Customers are saying about us
I retract my last statement...just found one. #moron Thanks @premierinn.
@jordan_wild 17th Sep
Yay. 30 mins free wifi from the lovely folks @premierinn - how much random shit can I spout before it runs out. You decide!
@detaled 17th Sep
@DanielleKAChan Oh superb I just love @premierinn - great ideas for our new 'customer' strategy
@CathMHCIC 17th Sep
RT @PrincesTrust: @WorkReadyPeople Sounds great. Hopefully by the end of the day we'll have some budding baristas, chefs and hoteliers! @Wh…
@oliver_290220 17th Sep
@CostaCoffee @premierinn @WhitbreadPLC @KNLogistics next steps - actively tweet, create Facebook acc & creation of public web site
@scottimills 17th Sep
@bomber_organ @CostaCoffee @premierinn @WhitbreadPLC @KNLogistics @KNTimBeckmann this has went too far now! Going to start actively posting
@scottimills 17th Sep
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