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Pensions at Whitbread are Changing

09 Oct 2012 (Sam Street)

Saving for the Future

We’re all guilty of it, saying that we must start saving and putting some money away for the future… but then the forms go to one side, ‘I’ll do that later’, we say, and before we know it they’re at the bottom of the pile and forgotten about.  But we will all need money when we retire, and the simplest and most effective way to do this, is to join a company pension scheme and start saving now.


All WHR team members can join the Whitbread Pension scheme at any time and soon it will be even easier than it already is – which is pretty easy.  To help people get more money when they retire, the Government has changed the way pensions work. Soon, every employer will have to offer its employees a pension scheme that meets the standards the Government has set. Every employer will have to pay in extra money on top of the money its employees save, like Whitbread does now. And every employer will have to add some employees to the scheme automatically, depending on how old they are and how much they earn.  But what if I don’t want to join, I hear you ask?  You will be able to opt out – it will be your choice and you are in control.


So what happens next? We’ll be writing to all of you early next year, if you’d rather receive an email then make sure your manager has put your email address on the HRE system.


Want to join today? Email whitbread@ceridian.com and ask for a booklet.


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